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Summer Series - Manly Dam

13th January 2019

24th February 2019

24th March 2019

Course Descriptions

Short Course - 8km

Runners will run the main fire trail down to the St Ives Wildflower Gardens. They will enter the sealed road within the Wildflower Gardens, before running a loop of nice single trail following Muellers Trail around the gardens, winding in and out of trees, around rock formations and along creeks, before using the sealed road to join back to the fire trail to the Showground where they will finish.

Medium Course - 11km

Same as the short course except runners will do an extra loop of the Wilflower Gardens course.

Long Course - 24km

Starting the same as the short and medium courses, this course instead heads across the valley to St Ives Chase before then heading down the Warrimoo Track, then turning left and climbing up to the Sphinx. They then run down the nice open Bobbin Head fire trail, with a steep tricky descent at the end to reach the Warrimoo Trail again where they turn right and follow nice single track with scenic Cowan Creek views, and return back to St Ives Chase, across the valley to the Wildflower Gardens, following the sealed road within the Gardens before re-joining the fire trail back to the finish. This is quite a tough and varied 24km course.

Cut Off Info:

The long course will have a 3hr 45min cut off in place at AS2 on Warrimoo Track at 18.7km. If you have not made cut off at this point, you will be driven back to the start / finish area. 

X-Long Course - 30km (November Only)

The X-Long course will start with 2 laps of the main arena at St Ives Showground. Runners will then follow the fire trail down into the Wildflower Gardens, where they will complete a clockwise loop of the gardens starting at M3 on the Mueller Track. The course will then re-join at M1 where runners will continue along the same route as the 24km course, completing some tough trails down to Bobbin Head Marina and along the Cowan Creek.

Cut Off Info:  

The extra long course will have a 4 hour cut off in place at AS2 on Warrimoo Track at 23.6km. If you have not made cut off at this point, you will be driven back to the start / finish area. 


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Summer 2019

13 January 2019
Manly Dam
24 February 2019
Manly Dam
24 March 2019
Manly Dam


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