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2020 Spring St Ives

22nd November 2020 

2021 Summer Manly Dam

17 January 2021

21 February 2021

21 March 2021

** All races will be held in our Covid Safe format **

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Sydney Trail Series acknowledges the need to implement procedures to stop the spread of Coronavirus and understands and supports the government’s decision to ban non essential mass gatherings over 500 people. Although the 500 limit was set based on risks associated with static indoor mass gatherings it applies to all gatherings of over 500 people.

Sydney Trail Series events are not large in number and are not confined to a restricted or indoor space, with participants moving through the event space in waves and easily able to avoid close contact with others. There would never at any time be a gathering of anywhere near 500 at the event hub.

We recognise that at this difficult time in Australia there’s benefits for the physical and mental health of our running community to continue with healthy activities if it’s safe to do so.

The trail races are in wide open spaces and fresh air which makes the risk of infection extremely low. Runners are spread out over a significant distance on the trails.

With the social distancing and improved hygiene measures listed below we are confident we can run the event in line with government requirements and community expectations.

On this basis SYDNEY TRAIL SERIES WILL PROCEED on Sunday 22nd March based on a range of changes and precautions we are implementing focused on minimising personal contact and ensuring strong hygiene practices:

  • The numbers will be kept under 500.
  • There will be no on-the-day entries or runners transfers.
  • The race schedule will be changed to reduce crowding and queuing at check-in, and at the start and finish lines.
  • The new schedule is registration open from 6am as usual. However there will be no mass start and 21 and 30km runners are able to start individually at any time between 6.45am and 7am. Runners in the 10 and 12km event can start individually at any time between 7.30 and 8pm. Timing is based on chip times so there is no need for a mass/gun type start.
  • The initial 1.4km road section of each course will be eliminated as we are unable to close the road during this extended start window. You will be directed straight into the trails after starting.
  • Event presentations will not be held and people will be encouraged to disperse soon after they have completed their run. We will send complimentary race entry vouchers or sponsor gift vouchers to all winners and age group winners.
  • We will NOT BE PROVIDING FOOD OR WATER OUT ON COURSE OR AT THE EVENT HUB. Please ensure you bring a water bottle or back pack, and bring your own food and hydration supplies as required based on the distance you are running. (We will still be manning the aid stations which will effectively become check points only)
  • Event staff will wear gloves while handing out bibs.
  • No finish line, high fives or hugs please. :(
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be provided.
  • The first aid team will be operating under higher-level protocols for infection control and patient care.
  • Competitors are to wash hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before and after the event.
  • If possible please try to use the toilet at home before you arrive to reduce the queues for the toilets at Manly Dam. Please observe appropriate personal distance if you are in a queue for the toilets.
  • The event normally has a very low number of spectators, but please refrain from bringing any spectators unless necessary (for things like child minding, and transport).
  • If you are feeling unwell, DO NOT attend our event. For your own health and the well-being of others, remain at home and rest until you are well again.
  • If you have been travelling overseas in the last 14 days, DO NOT attend.
  • If you do not feel comfortable attending the event that’s fine.

Pre race briefings will be emailed to all registered runners beforehand.

Competitor, crew and supporter health and safety remains a priority for Sydney Trail Series, and we will continue to monitor and follow the advice and directions of government and health experts.





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Spring Series 2020

22 November 2020
St Ives

Summer Series 2021

17 January 2021
Manly Dam

21 February 2021
Manly Dam

21 March 2021
Manly Dam

** All races will be held in our Covid Safe format **


Sydney Trail Series draws thousands of Trail Runners each year, including a great mix of experienced trail runners and those new to the sport. If you are interested in Sydney Trail Series sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.



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