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Summer Series 2022 Manly Dam

30 January 2022

27 February 2022

20 March 2022


The Body Mechanic - 12 Week Manly Dam Training Program

The Body Mechanic's Locker Room - Manly Dam 12 Week Training Plan

Training for a race like the Summer Sydney Trail Series is completely different to the type of plan you would follow for a road race. With single track, boardwalks, rocky descents, bushland, fire trails and technical hill inclines, you need to incorporate a whole range of different running techniques and specific training exercises to ensure you have a great race.

Created by Sports Physio and elite runner, Mark Green from The Body Mechanic. This daily training program will help you turn up at the start line, ready to achieve your Sydney Trail Series personal best.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to trail running, this 12 week plan will incorporate everything you need to get stronger, improve your mobility and increase your mileage at a safe rate so you can have a great race without injuring yourself.

The 12 week plan includes
- Comprehensive daily training guide designed for the Manly Dam course
- A Strength Program to Build Stability and Strength for Technical Trails
- A Mobility Program to improve Your Natural Range of Motion
- Techniques and Drills to Improve Running Even Under Fatigue
- Access to a Private Online Community

You will receive new training content every week to keep you on track. The easy to follow videos will ensure you learn the right techniques, avoid injury and run faster.
The 12 week training plan starts Monday 22nd October. Join now and get immediate access to your coaching advice on The Locker Room. The entire plan is only $59 for the full 12 weeks. At just $5 per week, there is no better value training you could choose for your STS training.

Don't wait to just magically improve. Start training now with a proven program that guarantees results.

What is The Locker Room?
Mark Green has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running, with his holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique. His physiotherapy practice The Body Mechanic and online running site “TBM Locker Room” help runners everyday achieve their goals and overcome injuries.

Get Started with this twelve week plan and you will be moving better almost immediately.

Sign up when you register for Sydney Trail Series or directly through The Locker Room.

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Summer Series 2022

30 January 2022
Manly Dam

27 February 2022
Manly Dam

20 March 2022
Manly Dam



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